Kimberly has dedicated herself to making your wedding day a beautiful and memorable occasion. Her commitment to her clients happiness has truly had an impact on their lives. Read what some of Kimberly’s clients have to say about her:

“Best Officiant Ever!!! ☆☆☆☆☆

We appreciated the fact that Kimberly took a lot of time to get to know us before marrying us. It made our day so much more special having this connection. The ENTIRE process from start to finish was seamless! She coached us every step of the way from the paperwork process down to how to light your unity candle in high winds and not look awkward because it won’t light (true story). You can tell she has a real passion for what she does, but most of all you can authentically feel her happiness for our love story which spoke deeply to my heart.

“Thank you with all our heart! ☆☆☆☆☆

Dear Kimberly,
Thank you so much for helping us have a beautiful wedding ceremony in Half Moon Bay! The way you helped us exchange our vows and say to each other “I do” will always stay in our memory. You provided us with all the right words to express our love for each other and all our friends and family in the best way. We both could really feel you were connecting our hearts. Thank you for your excellent preparation and your very gentle guidance during the ceremony! We are very thankful to have found you and would recommend you to anyone.

With love, warmest thoughts and best wishes!”

Perfectly planned and executed!! ☆☆☆☆☆

I was put into contact with Kimberly when I decided to surprise my wife with a 20th Anniversary Vow Renewal at my 50th birthday party in St. Helena. She did a great job of supporting me in all the preparation work and then did a beautiful of conducting the ceremony. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house!! I would definitely recommend Kimberly.

Highly Recommend Kimberly!☆☆☆☆☆

Kimberly did a fabulous job-start to finish! She shows extreme attention to detail from your first call, until after your wedding day. As a result our wedding turned out beautiful, stress free and a day we will never forget! Additionally she referred us to other wedding vendors that helped make our day special.

Dustin and I are so grateful for all of your help and inspiration throughout the wedding planning process and the big day. With the guidance of your ceremony portfolio, we were able to pull together a very meaningful and special ceremony script that you read so beautifully at our wedding. The ceremony was so unique and I think it spoke to our personalities and what marriage means to us perfectly. Our wedding day was the happiest day of our lives so far!

We just loved spending time with you at the pre-planning meetings and at the wedding, your energy and enthusiasm for what you do is very contagious. I always looked forward to chatting with you about our wedding. We also appreciated your flexibility when we had to change up our ceremony a little bit at the last moment because of the extreme heat! The ceremony was truly perfect, because of you, and we are so thankful to have met you! We hope to see you in the future, and maybe even at the wedding at one of our friends and family! We will be recommending you to all the brides and grooms we know.”

“We were married recently in Sonoma County and have Kimberly Thompson to thank for delivering a unique and beautiful ceremony that we and our guests will remember for a lifetime. Our goal was to create a very personal ceremony from beginning to end including a story of our courtship, the significance of marriage to us, carefully chosen readings and our personal vows. Kimberly helped us fulfill our goals through her guidance and experience.

We could not have asked for a better relationship with our officiant. From the time we first spoke to Kimberly on the phone thru the entire planning process and finally to the rehearsal and wedding day, Kimberly was completely professional and efficient, as well as very supportive and encouraging. She was always available when needed and she saw that every detail was taken care of properly.

We wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly to other couples looking for a personal touch to their ceremony. We have enjoyed having Kimberly as our officiant and friend.”

“We had the pleasure of working with Kimberly for the last four months of our wedding planning. From the moment we first spoke with her, we were comfortable in our decision to have her perform our ceremony. She helped us create the ceremony we wanted, and hoped to have. She provided us with more that enough examples and information, and once we put together an idea of what we wanted, she helped us fine tune our ceremony to perfection. She always made it clear that she was available for any questions or concerns we might have throughout the months. Everything from the phone calls and meetings with Kimberly, the rehearsal, and of course the ceremony were some of the most enjoyable moments of our engagement, and also some of the easiest.

We received so many positive comments from our guests regarding the ceremony. They all commented on how well Kimberly did, and how much presence she had while performing the ceremony. We were extremely happy, as we put much work into it, and feel it went off without event the slightest hitch. Kimberly knows exactly how to run a perfect, smooth wedding ceremony.

We are able to wholeheartedly recommend Kimberly. She played a huge part in making our wedding day live up to our dreams. We only wish we knew more people getting married, as we would be passing our her card any chance we could get. Kimberly is the consummate professional, while making you feel as though your wedding is being performed by an old friend. We were lucky with all of the vendors we worked with, but Kimberly really stood out in the work she does, and the amount of help she offers. We truly enjoyed our time with Kimberly and will always cherish the memories of our ceremony, and the entire experience of working with her.”

“We are writing to whole-heartedly recommend the work of Kimberly Thompson. Kimberly served as the officiant of our ceremony that was held in Sonoma on August 10th of this year. We first met Kimberly last summer and from the moment we first spoke with her, we knew she would be the perfect person to conduct our ceremony. Though we went into the initial meeting concerned that someone we had just met would be unable to get to know us and understand our relationship, things we thought necessary to creating the perfect ceremony, our fears were immediately alleviated by her caring warmth. Kimberly also excelled when it came time to write our vows. The ceremony ideas she had were wonderful, and she helped us in crafting a ceremony that was truly all our own. Then, of course, was her wonderful rendition of our chosen words. The ceremony was absolutely amazing, and it ended up being even more magical and special than we could have ever imagined.

At the reception, we received so many compliments on our ceremony. Our guests were wowed by its beautiful personalized nature, and with Kimberly’s work. Our friends, our families, and the both of us were truly amazed.

Kimberly truly cares about each and every couple she works with and will be there for you along every step of the journey. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Good luck with your wedding!”

“My husband and I hired Kimberly Thompson to officiate at our wedding on December 14, 2003. In a period of 8 months, Kimberly managed the layout and delivery of our entire wedding ceremony. At our first meeting, she sat down with us and patiently gave us a clear idea of what her services entailed, answered our questions and really gave us her sincere attention. It was at this meeting that she had us preview wedding ceremony samples and pictures and asked us what image we had in mind both individually and together as a couple. She asked the right questions and knew all there was to know about the wedding process from an experienced and legal standpoint. We left that meeting knowing we would hire her.

Our subsequent meetings included going over our vows, and the ceremony, the layout (who would stand where and so on). In between, we were in constant communication, e-mails, phone calls, as well as a few more meetings to go over all the details.

Our rehearsal went off with out a hitch. Her direction, attention to detail, and humor was instrumental with our group (7 bridesmaids and 7 groomsmen) who very much needed her guidance and professionalism. All were very impressed on how easy it was to work with her, and how easily she took charge. What stands out is that any questions that came up were answered, if someone was confused, they were instantly made at ease, last minute changes were made to fit into the ceremony with no problems – all this while maintaining a great sense of humor!

Kimberly is a dependable, intelligent and motivated individual. Her energy is enthusiastic and catching! She is more than capable of managing a variety of sizes of people, all while respecting their cultural differences and wishes. As officiant, Kimberly not only helped outline the ceremony as it was to be eventually played, but also acted as co- writer and copyeditor. With Kimberly on your team, you can rest assured that your ceremony will be a high-quality one, and in capable, professional hands. It is two months after our ceremony, and we both are still getting compliments! Kimberly Thompson would be an asset to any ceremony , and we are happy to give her our wholehearted endorsement.”

We wanted to take the time to truly thank you for being a part of the planning and ultimately for being a part of making our wedding day so special.

From the first day we met you, we knew we were in good hands. Your guidance through the paperwork made things so effortless. We also appreciated the time you took to let us know exactly what our options were, ultimately leading to our decision to register for a confidential marriage license.

We knew we wanted to customize our vows, but we had no idea where to start. The templates you provided gave us the opportunity to evaluate the varying tones that different vow wording can set for the ceremony, and allowed us to create a ceremony and vows that perfectly fit our feelings for each other and the day.

Our decision to not hire a wedding coordinator left us worried about how we were going to coordinate the arrival of our guests, the florist, the musician, etc. at the chapel while we attempted to get dressed and ready for the day. Your offer to arrive early and oversee events at the chapel put our minds at ease and allowed us to truly enjoy our wedding morning.

Having started this process with you more than 6 months before our wedding day, we felt our wedding was being officiated by a friend who conducted the ceremony with true heart-felt emotions. Thank you for your sensitivity and response to our various questions, requests and concerns along the way. Our wedding day would not have been the same without you.”

“Dear Kimberly,
Our wedding last November in Napa Valley was definitely the most beautiful I had ever been too. You were a significant component to the success of that special day.

We wanted our ceremony to be unique, sentimental, personal and not too long-winded! With your coaching, we were able to achieve that and more. Together, we created a ceremony and processional that allowed all of our family to participate and enjoy our small wedding. We went through many variations of the ceremony and its elements until we found the perfect mix.

We are forever grateful for your professionalism, experience and friendship. We would certainly recommend your services for anyone planning a wedding ”

“Dear Kimberly,
James and I wanted to express our heartfelt gratitude to you. Thank you so much for presiding over our wedding ceremony with such eloquence and sincerity. We wanted our ceremony to feel like a beautiful sacred moment, and your positive energy contributed significantly to making our day absolutely perfect!

In the future, when we reminisce of our wedding day, we agree that you were such a vital and wonderful part of our special day. You performed the ceremony so beautifully and did not waiver, even when there were a couple of raindrops falling on us from above. It was truly a blessing to have found you. All of our guests thought that you brought a very warm and caring spirit to our ceremony.

We will highly recommend you to any couple getting married for your great professionalism and positive attitude.
Thank you for your patience, your understanding and graceful presence. You performed the perfect wedding ceremony and we will always be so thankful to you!”

“We are writing in reference to Kimberly Thompson. Let me start by saying that we knew within the first 5 minutes of our meeting with Kimberly at the Embassy Suites in Napa Valley, that she was going to be the one to marry us. In the following few paragraphs we will describe our experience with Kimberly… and with that I am sure you will agree that she is a dynamic woman.

Right from the start, which was about 8 months before our wedding, Kimberly was professional, non-pushy and “non-saleswomanly” like. She greeted us with a smile and firm handshake. We sat together at the hotel and discussed with her our needs and desires for her as our officiant. We had a special situation, or so we felt. My husband is Jewish and I am a Christian with not much upbringing in religion. We wanted a ceremony that emphasized all of the Jewish tradition and not something that was a reading from the Bible. Kimberly was not judgmental of our interfaith marriage. She had performed weddings like this before and was confident she could satisfy our needs. She pulled out a thick packet that contained different style wedding ceremonies. As soon as she began reading one of them to me, my eyes filled up with tears and my then fiancée, consoled me. She had such a dramatic way of pronouncing words and emphasizing the deep meaning behind them. We were sure she would be the one to marry us.

With Kimberly’s expertise, my husband and I ended up creating the most meaningful, heart felt wedding vows – something we still cannot read without choking up.

Our wedding took place at a Winery in the Napa Valley on Saturday, June 27 at 5:30 in the evening. Our most favorite thing about the winery was the intimate setting. The back terrace had large umbrellas to cover our guests during dinner, the garden was a plethora of fresh flowers and roses, and the winery was lit with a warm glow as the sun began to go down. We had a winery full of our closest family and friends without worrying that other parties or wine tasters would interfere. We were married under a Hupa dressed in fresh flowers and ribbons. It shaded my husband, myself and Kimberly, our man of honor and best man. I must mention here that I chose my brother to be my “man of honor”. Behind the Hupa was a view that left most of our guests awestruck. The clear blue sky, mountains, vineyards and rows of paupler trees surrounded us. It was as if we were in heaven on earth. We were truly blessed that day and because of that, we have a marriage that is blessed.

Our favorite part of the ceremony was when Kimberly asked us to face each other and recite our vows to one another. With all of her experience, she knew we would be nervous and would need her to walk us through this section slowly. Of course, it went smooth and without a mistake.

It is quite difficult to pick the most favorite moment of our wedding – we feel the entire day was perfect. The winery, the caterers, the music, the flowers, the bridesmaids and groomsmen, the wine, the family and friends and of course, the officiant…a perfect combination to make a perfect day!

In closing we must add that we would recommend KimberlyThompson to anyone. Her class and elegance are qualities that people in the wine country are looking for.”

“When we decided to have a small destination wedding, I thought we’d have to compromise on a lot of the things we wanted since we were planning from the other side of the country. Once we’d booked our wedding venue, the first person we looked for was our officiant. We’d planned to talk to a number of people before making a decision, but after talking to Kimberly, we knew she was the person we wanted standing up with us at our wedding.

From the first moment we talked to her we felt more like we were talking to a friend than a vendor. Kimberly was so warm and enthusiastic. She really wanted to get to know us and to see how she could help us make our wedding special. In addition to being sweet, she was incredibly efficient – a godsend for a control-freak like me. She always kept us on task, reminding us of deadlines and frequently getting in touch with us to see how we were doing. She helped me to figure out how to organize the processional and the seating. She assisted us with designing our personalized ceremony by giving us basic guidelines to work from, but left us with the freedom to write it ourselves. She basically helped us organize every detail of our ceremony and offered her assistance with other parts of the wedding as well.

Throughout the process she was there for us, offering advice, support, her expertise, and friendship. On the day of the wedding, my husband and I were a wreck. He was extremely nervous and I was overwhelmed with everything that was happening. Kimberly was amazing. She took my husband aside and helped calm him down (to this day, he credits Kimberly with being a lifesaver for him). She made sure everything was as unstressful for us as possible.

The ceremony went beautifully and Kimberly was such a big part of making our wedding special and unique. Choosing Kimberly was the easiest decision we made and working with her was the least stressful part of the wedding planning process. Now not only do we have the happy memories of our wedding, but we have made a wonderful friend.”

We can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day even more special and memorable. From our very first conversation, to our wedding day, your professionalism and attention to detail made our day PERFECT!

Please know that you will be in our hearts always.”

“Kimberly is amazing, and we hired her after seeing her perform the marriage ceremony of a friend. From the minute we hired her, she helped us with every detail of creating a beautiful and touching ceremony that reflected who we are as a couple. Kimberly truly wants each bride and groom to enjoy every minute of their wedding day, and she will do anything in her power to guarantee that, including helping me to hire a day of wedding coordinator.

We had a wonderful ceremony, and our family and friends commented how moving the passages and vows were. We cannot thank her enough for all the help in creating a ceremony so uniquely us. We truly feel as if we made a friend, we are so sad it is all over!”

“Hi Kimberly!
Well, hard to believe, but we celebrated our first anniversary on 10/13! We were remembering our beautiful ceremony and wedding day and thinking of you!

Our first year has brought us many adventures and allowed us opportunity to grow, be challenged, and be a great team!

We moved to Seattle end of March, bought our first house, and recently adopted a 2 year old chocolate lab/golden retriever mix who we call “Cooper”. We have a fantastic lifestyle and good jobs; we both feel really grateful!

I wanted to send the photos of the three of us taken at our wedding. We purchased our digital files from our photographer, which was really nice. I think they turned out great!

We think of you often, and hope we can connect some day soon when we are back in the Sonoma/Napa area to visit family and take the walk down memory lane at Sebastiani.

Hope you are doing great and would love to hear from you!

All our love.”

“Terry and I selected Healdsburg for our wedding to accommodate Terry’s 97 year old grandmother, who lives nearby. The choice of a venue was easy; Madrona Manor is a beautiful setting. But we needed help with the details – especially in finding the right officiant. Your name was repeated by everyone we talked to and now we know why. From the very first conversation by phone, through the first face-to-face meeting working out the ceremonies details, you were friendly, professional, and extremely helpful. You guided us through the whole process, from logistics to legal requirements, and had some great recommendations that we would have never even considered. Your cheerful personality and encouraging words also boosted our spirits and gave us absolute confidence going into the wedding.

We could not be more pleased by the way you conducted our “beautiful ceremony,” and you could not have selected a more perfect name for your enterprise.

The very best to you always, and we will be seeing you again when we visit the wine country!”

“Dear Kimberly,
Don and I sincerely thank you for all you did to make our wedding so special. You put so much of yourself into our ceremony, our life and our family.

We hope your travels will bring you to Tampa for a visit. The door is always open at Casa Quinn.”

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